About us

PR Club was founded in 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria with the idea to help clients integrate communications into their operations to achieve their business goals.


All successful businesses need props to reach their objectives, your marketing collaterals should be of the best quality and emphasise your brilliance to your target audiences. PR CLUB offers a holistic range of services to assist your business to be the best it can be. Below you will find a menu of services offered, we, also (naturally) love to create great PR events, show off and generate a buzz.


PR CLUB's objective is to drive interesting story placements and eventually gain rich publicity value therefore enhancing your brand reach.

Building and maintaining close and personal relationships with the media is also one of the most important elements of a PR person's job. We may seem that we are forever 'doing lunch' or going to the latest hip launch of something or other, but truly it's these relationships that take nurturing that help us place your story.

We do not only rely on traditional media release dissemination – online offers a massive reach and we can deliver your message using both mediums. There are also other types of angles and stories which we can use to keep your brand under the spotlight.

You must also do your part – media want interesting stories and angles for their readers to enjoy and be inspired by. Press relations are a two way thing – we can only gain coverage in a leading magazine if we can offer interesting and newsworthy content.